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The easiest and most effective talent hiring platform ever created

Receiving the right applications is the first step. Then the real teamwork begins to identify the best talent and ioHire is here to help.

Everything you need to know is there for you.

ioHire tells you for each candidate if you have already interacted with them in the past and you can retrieve - with a single click - internal ratings and notes entered by you and your colleagues as well as all emails exchanged in the past.

Choose your process.
ioHire adapts.

Decide how to organize candidates with recruiting pipelines that fit your needs.

You can move each candidate forward or backward in the selection process - at any time - and have a quick overview of the progress of each selection process.

What we could automate for you, we have done it.

ioHire was designed by studying the repetitive activities of each recruiter step by step. We have created powerful automations for you to save you time on repetitive tasks.

Configure automations in a few seconds

Keep candidates up to date with powerful automated emails

Enter your custom message or choose from one of the ready-made templates.

And don't worry, no messages are sent without your consent: ioHire asks you for confirmation before sending any automatic emails, shows you a preview and asks you when you want the message to be delivered to the candidate.

All communication to and from candidates in one place.

Send messages to candidates and receive answers directly from ioHire. Each person on the team will always stay up to date on the entire communication flow, without missing any information.

You can also create email templates that you can easily recall to make everything even faster.

If you don't need a candidate today, maybe you'll need one tomorrow

Organize interesting talented candidates for future positions into folders, either from your active scouting or from other job vacancies.

Wherever you are, ioHire is always with you.

From your home or office computer, from your tablet or smartphone. We started with the best there was on the market and we completely redesigned it to give you the flexibility you need.

When you want to use ioHire, ioHire is there.

Check out ioHire in action!

Thanks to our highly customizable career sites you can introduce your company to thousands of candidates with photo galleries, employee quotes and much more.

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    ioHire has been designed to simplify your life and help you reduce your time to fill. A simple and powerful product with no unnecessary features. Only what you need. And it's free.

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