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ioHire is the simplest and most powerful way to receive applications from both active and passive candidates.

Enable your employees to become your ambassadors

Leading company seeks blah blah blah...

In a world where finding talented people is increasingly difficult, posting a job offer without presenting your company in the right way can lead to excellent people not to apply.

With ioHire you can best present your company in a few minutes, by quickly and easily entering your mission and values, quotes from your employees, texts and the best images of your company. And so on!

and many others

We'll take you where the candidates are.

All your job offers created on ioHire are automatically sent to Google, Facebook, Linkedin and other primary free job sites to bring you other applications, without you having to do anything. At no cost.

Having an audience makes the difference.

There are many talented people who would like to work for you. Some you have interacted with before, others have heard of you but at that time you did not have positions that matched what they were looking for. But you know, things change. And it's a shame to start from scratch every time.

With ioHire you can keep up to date with all the people who would like to work for you (followers) whenever you open an offer of interest to them. One click. And lots of applicants - for free!

Update for free and in a few seconds

Receiving an invitation is always something special

Easily search for the most interesting candidates you have interacted with in the past using our powerful filters. And send in a few seconds a personalized invitation to apply (or choose from one of the ready-made invitation templates).

Talented people are much more likely to apply for a job offer if they are invited to do so with a personal invitation.

Simplify active scouting.

With ioHire's Chrome extension-installable in a few seconds and super easy to use-you can import interesting candidates directly from Linkedin and other sites and add them to one or more selection processes with a single click.

Grab data in a few seconds from any website and import on ioHire

Install ioHire chrome extension

Maybe not today but... Tomorrow?

Organize interesting talented candidates for future positions into folders, either from your active scouting or from other job vacancies.

And at the right time you can decide to include someone in a selection process, saving a lot of time.

And choose which folders to keep secret for you and which ones you want to share with your colleagues to work together.

How ioHire works

Whether you have already published your job offer on some site, or you have not yet done so, now ioHire can take care of it. Receive applications and manage them - in one place.

Create your job offer.

Enter some information on the profile you are looking for, customize your application form with the information you want to collect and choose the members of the hiring team and the recruiting pipeline that best suits your needs.

ioHire automatically submits and publishes your job posting on multiple sites, including Google and Linkedin.

Wherever we can publish your job offer for you to receive applications at no cost, we do it!

Linkedin Glassdoor Google for jobs Xing

Choose to receive all applications directly on ioHire

If you've already posted your job offer somewhere (e.g. on LinkedIn), you can link it to your ioHire account in a few seconds. Each job offer on ioHire has a personalized email address to which you can send your resumes to view them directly on ioHire.

It's time to notify your followers.

Just one click from you. And we'll take care of the rest. We will update anyone interested in working for you (including passive candidates) that you have opened a new position. At no cost.

Capitalize on your past work.

Search your candidate database if you already have any people who might be the right fit and invite them to apply. The more you use ioHire over time, the more likely your next hire is already in your database!

Receive applications and choose your next hire

Check out ioHire in action!

Thanks to our highly customizable career sites you can introduce your company to thousands of candidates with photo galleries, employee quotes and much more.

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