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The easiest way to find the best candidate.

Whether you work alone or with a team, choosing the right talent among many is not easy. With ioHire we try to make your life easier.

Yes. No. Maybe.

Quickly view feedback and quickly access the full rating posted by each colleague.

Use the powerful Comparison Mode to have a glance of all the evaluations for all candidates and choose what to investigate.

A totally new system for evaluating candidates.

Enter your assessment for each candidate by following specific assessment drivers-customizable for each job offer.

Remember the points to be fulfilled

Easily decide who can do what.

For each job offer you can decide who you want to be part of the selection process, easily choosing what you want them to do. And you can add or edit members at any time.

or add directly an existing one

Check out ioHire in action!

Thanks to our highly customizable career sites you can introduce your company to thousands of candidates with photo galleries, employee quotes and much more.

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    ioHire has been designed to simplify your life and help you reduce your time to fill. A simple and powerful product with no unnecessary features. Only what you need. And it's free.

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